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Affirmation Prayer Beads & Rosaries


In simplest form, a recited and repeated intention, wish, or prayer also becomes a form of autosuggestion to the unconscious mind. Prayer beckons the subconscious to become fully functional during everyday choices.

Autosuggestion doesn’t leave God out of the equation. On the contrary, this type of prayer heightens awareness of Divine influences. Prayers promote personal responsibility, confidence, and mindfulness.

A strand of prayer beads or rosary is created with select stones. Minerals, gemstones, and crystals are imbued with life energy and piezoelectric charges just like other living creatures and plants. They are composed of molecules in motion.

Sometimes we can’t see how instantaneously the universe begins to orchestrate answers to prayer, or even wishful thinking. Prayer’s energy can reach its Source¬†even before it is offered. The choreography of the universe immediately coordinates a series of events, the answer.