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The tales collected in Julie Rogers’s Seven Shorts can be compared to a wintry landscape: what lurks beneath is cloaked by deceptive beauty. They hold literary garments elegant and genteel, belying curves and forms patiently waiting at any moment to shock, or even enlighten. Cover your eyes, spin you a few times, and shove you into a room  with . . . never mind. Seven Shorts cannot be labeled Horror, Dark Fantasy, Magical Realism or anything so reductive. Nonetheless, connoisseurs of those traditions will find much here to like, even love. Spanning decades 1969 to 2045, the narratives weave through classic territories, striking in their range and fertility of imagination. Comprising the collection are stories psychological and horrific, darkly humorous and stoic, filtered through a fine lens of social and personal observation so reasonable you’ll follow it anywhere, to the very end. With Seven Shorts, Julie Rogers creates her own genre, one surging with emotion, wit, and stark-raving sanity.​

Inspired by true events, this rite of passage story follows the journeys of an orphaned eight-year-old boy, Mason Classon, a displaced owl named Hootie, and octogenarian Jim Odom. Their paths intersect with love, loss, and surrender. Alongside each other, they must find both strength and determination to overcome and discover new pathways in life.

Paperback available on Amazon

Paperback, Kindle available on Amazon

Simeon: A Greater Reality, a series of channeled sessions from an entity identified as Simeon Peter, offers students of twenty-first century metaphysics new and exciting insights concerning the nature of reality and human intervention. In this revolutionary book, Simeon introduces a new twist on the supernatural, including the soul expansion principle, crucifixion as a universal symbol for the human death experience, a single DNA strain that holds matter into separate forms, chemical and astral constructs surrounding human conflict. Rogers’s guarded approach toward her own trust and acceptance of these metaphysical realities through Simeon Peter is both informative and inspirational. Simeon takes you on a journey of enrichment, heightened creativity, and greater understanding of yourself. He encourages an expansion of your heart and mind that will empower you on your soul journey through life.​

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Happy Tails is a self-help guide to relationship recovery with helpful information about the stages of overcoming loss and establishing new intimacy. Using the compassionate bonds people make with their pets, Happy Tails interjects fresh approaches about love, companionship, and spirituality.

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A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy where love, lust, ambition, and the crazy demands of living under the hot Texas sun reach their flash point. When itinerant dancer/singer Olivia Cortes doesn’t fall for her best friend and country music heartthrob Truett Stanton, but head over heels with his manager, instead—she’s boot scootin’ for a downhill slide. Olivia’s shamelessly babelicious coworker, Starla Monroe—with a track record for enticing superstar singers into the king cabs of their pickup trucks—has her eye on Truett. His heart sings for Olivia, but a fling with Starla might serve to knock the woman he truly loves off high center. Will he do it?

This publication features the progressive country music animated audio “When Pigs Fly Over the Moon,” composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Graves at Studio MG in Austin, Texas. Lyrics by Julie Rogers.

When Pigs Fly Over the Moon

“I haven’t enjoyed a read like this in such a long time–it is like indulging in a box of bonbons! A real treat . . . scarfed it in one sitting! I need another one. The characters are so immediately engaging, and that great Texas setting inspires a road trip to the Hill Country–I want to be one of the tourists who storms the Feed Lot! Surely this is just the beginning of a series about this place and these people?? We need to follow Starla and Patrick, and what about Willie?? I’m hooked. Talented Julie Rogers has found her perfect venue. I loved it!”

— D. Throckmorton

Happy Tails: How Pets Can Help You Survive Divorce

“Simply stated, Julie Rogers’ Happy Tails: How Pets Can Help You Survive Divorce is a superbly presented self-help guide for men, women and children affected by divorce. Replete with helpful information about the stages of overcoming a relationship loss and establishing new bonds of intimacy, Happy Tails is a unique, practical, effective, and very highly recommended advisory for utilizing the compassionate bonds that develop between dogs, cats, turtles, fox squirrels, as well as other pets and their human companions in establishing and acquiring love, companionship and spirituality in the face of estrangement, separation, and divorce.”

— Midwest Book Review

Simeon: A Greater Reality

“Simeon Peter, through Ms. Rogers, brings messages of ageless wisdom that are enlightening and thought-provoking. Simeon caused me to expand my thinking and perspective. The inclusion of a glossary at the end is helpful for those who may not be familiar with some of the terms used. I have read numerous books on spirituality and count this as a very worthwhile read.”

— L. DiMari


“Hootie is absolutely wonderful! This book is rich in character and detail. This story is touching–even heart-rending at times–and provides both younger and older readers insight into the creatures with whom we share this earth.

For me, the writing is reminiscent of author Richard Bach–intuitive and earthy—reminding all of us about the bond between man and nature, as well as the importance of love and faith, in all its forms. Do yourself and your children a favor: read Hootie, and you’ll be all the richer for it.”

— Best-selling Author Michael Reisig

Seven Shorts

“Compact and well-crafted . . . a crowning achievement for the author.”

— Portland Book Review