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One of my life signatures involves an inherent tendency to seek out alternative ways of considering—well, everything.

Today’s quote, from Liz Greene:

“An illness of the soul exists, a sickness more prevalent than the common cold—which imparts a sense of meaninglessness and is far more difficult to heal.

A man who has a vision, lives only to create a single work of art, has glimpsed into the seven circles of heaven and hell, is freed from his own meaningless. And that man can do nothing for the rest of us because he is regarded as mad.”  

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  1. Hi Julie! This quote from Liz Greene is striking, and with great economy of language describes the central (and ongoing) crisis of humanity: searching outside for meaning. [WARNING: Shameless plug on the way.]

    Hard as it is to accept, meaning can’t be found anywhere external; we’re embedded in consciousness fed by limited perceptions. In the same way that reading about how to ride a bike–or perform brain surgery–is wholly divorced from how that feels second by second, wind chilling your face, looking “beyond” can only yield roiling chaos in constant flux.

    Intellect + Emotion + Physicality = Meaning (always subjective/personally relevant).

    My struggling with this harsh (but ultimately healthy) reality will be chronicled in–wait for it!–an external object known as a “book”: COLD WORLD: the Horror of the Real.

    And blah blah blah. Maybe mid-2020 pub. date. Over and out. . . .

    1. Reserve a copy for me! How we go beyond putting our pants on one leg at a time is everything, right?

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