Simeon: A Greater Reality, a series of channeled sessions from an entity identified as Simeon Peter, offers students of twenty-first century metaphysics new and exciting insights concerning the nature of reality and human intervention. In this revolutionary book, Simeon introduces a new twist on the supernatural, including the soul expansion principle, crucifixion as a universal symbol for the human death experience, a single DNA strain that holds matter into separate forms, chemical and astral constructs surrounding human conflict.

Rogers’s guarded approach toward her own trust and acceptance of these metaphysical realities through Simeon Peter is both informative and inspirational. Simeon takes you on a journey of enrichment, heightened creativity, and greater understanding of yourself. He encourages an expansion of your heart and mind that will empower you on your soul journey through life.​

“Simeon Peter, through Ms. Rogers, brings messages of ageless wisdom that are enlightening and thought-provoking. Simeon caused me to expand my thinking and perspective. The inclusion of a glossary at the end is helpful for those who may not be familiar with some of the terms used. I have read numerous books on spirituality and count this as a very worthwhile read.”

Lois DiMari, PhD
Transformational Life Coach