About Julie


Julie’s articles and award-winning stories are featured in self-help, inspirational, technical, and fiction publications, including Coping With Cancer, Daily Meditation, Complete Woman, and the annual anthology, Writes of Passage: Every Woman has a Story!

She is author of Happy Tails: How Pets Can Help You Survive Divorce (self-help), Simeon: A Greater Reality (spirituality), Hootie (children’s fiction), Seven Shorts (neo-Noir), When Pigs Fly Over the Moon (romantic comedy), and Letters: Sidereal Insight for a 21st Century Mystic (spirituality, with Seth Rogers).

Rogers is the 1999 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition Grand Prize Winner for her horror short story, “House Call.”

Other awards include Fade In magazine’s 2005 screenplay Semi-Finalist for the screenplay thriller, “Grave Jumper,” and the 1998 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition First for the stage play comedy, “Garage Sale.”

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Ghostwriter and Editor


  • Collaborates with indie authors in writing, editing, and proofing projects for publication
  • Creates content for websites and blogs
  • Consults and doctors fiction, technical, blog, and screenplay material
  • Formats publications for EPUB, Kindle, WordPress, and other platforms
  • Designs book cover art for publications
  • Assists clients with Kindle marketing and SEO placement
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, WordPress, Photoshop, Final Draft, and Final Cut Pro HD


  • Consulted and wrote for clients across the globe on fiction and non-fiction projects, resumes, and online presentations
  • Wrote for YA, children’s, self-help, inspirational, spiritual, horror, fantasy, action-adventure, sci-fi and contemporary romance, non-fiction, technical, academic, and screenplay projects

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