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The New Time Paradigm

Too many plates in the air?

Feeling overscheduled? Overwhelmed?

What if you could break out of your overwhelm and feel more calm and successful every day?

What if you don’t need to find more time because time can find you?

This keynote teaches entrepreneurs and creatives a simple time-management framework so that they can feel more satisfied, accomplished, and energized by focusing on what matters most.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, many of us find ourselves inclined to come to the end of the day feeling overwhelmed with all the things we have yet to do tomorrow—and with no time to do them. The kind of stress that starts taking its toll on your work, your family, your friendships, and your body. Who said anything about living in the moment? There’s not enough time for that! Too much stuff to do.

For entrepreneurs, creatives, and team leaders, Julie Rogers offers The New Time ParadigmYou Don’t Need to Find More Time When Time Can Find You. A new keynote and breakout for overscheduled and overwhelmed visionaries, TNTP helps imaginative minds find new focus on difficult projects.

  • I teach writers, creatives, and visionaries who feel like they are constantly on a time crunch.
  • Audiences leave this experience with a unique and simple time-management framework.
  • Integrating and reporting personal satisfaction quotients are unique to this system.

For Creatives

The New Time Paradigm gives creatives tools to see and manage time differently while navigating the complexities of mastering their talents, developing their markets, and feeding their souls.


For Team Leaders

 The New Time Paradigm gives team leaders the mechanics they need to manage time differently while they develop their skillsets, increase their productivity, and recharge their batteries.


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“Julie Rogers is beyond fantastic to work with! As a long-time event planner, it was refreshing to meet and connect with Julie on a passion project of mine that quickly became her passion as well.

Julie communicated promptly and efficiently from day one to well beyond our retreat. She led the most heartfelt workshops that allowed space for the attendees to connect and be vulnerable in a safe space.

She was prepared with activities and readings that were captivating to everyone. Moving forward we plan to include her in all of our upcoming retreats!”

Mary Howze
Event Planner at Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

“Julie Rogers doesn’t have to “work at” empathy, kindness, generosity, and professionalism—these beam from her as a writer, and genuine exemplar of what is meant by spiritual. I’m fortunate to have worked with Julie, and lucky to know her at all.”

William J. Grabowski
Author & Editor