Everyone says vampires aren’t real. Tommy Lucas isn’t so sure.

Tommy Lucas needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. But Tommy is convinced his disease is a curse on his bloodline, that he’s a vampire. Only magic can cure him—or the same synthetic blood substitute developed for urban legend Viscount Claudius Fallon.

He’s stoked when he discovers a five-part series about Fallon in an online pulp fiction magazine called Philly’s Argosy. Descended from a ruling class of vampires in Cardiff, Fallon traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas seeking a cure for his own leukemia during WWII.

Tommy’s quest leads him to befriend local artist Callan Masters, who struggles with his growing affection for Tommy’s mom, June—for he is Fallon, cured in 1939 at Norman G. Baker’s Cure-for-Cancer Hospital. Dedicated to living off-grid and human, Callan must decide whether he will take the risk involved in helping Tommy or falling in love with June. His bite is no longer capable of turning anyone—or so he thinks.

Falling Stars is an exceptional novel. The storytelling and its emotional momentum are enthralling. Having personal experience with cancer and its profound horrors, I can only add that I’m convinced readers will connect with Tommy and June—with all its sharply drawn characters—and find the light pulsing in what might seem infinite darkness. Falling Stars is a magical feast, and it moved me deeply. I loved the back-and-forth timeline—and I see the book appealing not only to Anne Rice readers, but historical fiction buffs. The narrative approach adds pleasing depth to the story and charges it with realism.”

William Grabowski
Author of Enter Darkness and Infinity Point