A rowdy and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy where love, lust, ambition, and the crazy demands of living under the hot Texas sun reach their flash point. When itinerant dancer/singer Olivia Cortes doesn’t fall for her best friend and country music heartthrob Truett Stanton, but head over heels with his manager, instead—she’s boot scootin’ for a downhill slide.

Olivia’s shamelessly babelicious coworker, Starla Monroe—with a track record for enticing superstar singers into the king cabs of their pickup trucks—has her eye on Truett. His heart sings for Olivia, but a fling with Starla might serve to knock the woman he truly loves off high center. Will he do it?

This publication features the progressive country music animated audio “When Pigs Fly Over the Moon,” composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Graves at Studio MG in Austin, Texas. Lyrics by Julie Rogers.

“I haven’t enjoyed a read like this in such a long time–it is like indulging in a box of bonbons! A real treat . . . scarfed it in one sitting! I need another one. The characters are so immediately engaging, and that great Texas setting inspires a road trip to the Hill Country–I want to be one of the tourists who storms the Feed Lot! Surely this is just the beginning of a series about this place and these people?? We need to follow Starla and Patrick, and what about Willie?? I’m hooked. Talented Julie Rogers has found her perfect venue. I loved it!”

Diana Throckmorton
Dean of the School of Arts and Education, Angelina College